Brian Hilton Extreme Editions at Brian Hilton Kia

Brian Hilton Extreme Editions

As many of you may already know Brian Hilton Motor Group has been an active participant in motorsport events over its many years in business and has always had a passion for the modification and enhancement of vehicles in such a way that provides an individual driving experience for the vehicles owner. We believe that many people want a vehicle that provides them not only with a method of transport but a vehicle that is an extension of their lifestyle and shows their individualism. No two people are created the same and at Brian Hilton no two vehicles need to be either.

It is from this passion for vehicles and their use, which in some cases can be to the extreme (But always in a safe and responsible way and if operating on the roads, obeying the rules of the road) that Brian Hilton Extreme Editions have been formed. The Extreme Editions are vehicles that have had minor enhancements and accessories fitted to showcase the individualism that can be created and are available as displayed. It is the first step in Brian Hilton’s mission to easily allow our customers the flexibility to create their vehicle their way!

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Service & Sales Showroom Update

Brian Hilton Motor Group has closed its showrooms to the public during lockdown - you can still purchase online or call our Sales Consultants as we're here to help!

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